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Welcome to Lincoln Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Whether you are new to PTA, returning to see what is changing or happening, or looking for a way to get involved. We invite you here, to learn the impact of our PTA and the importance of your involvement.


The main role of our PTA is to support and enhance the learning environment of children. We do this by building strong, collaborative, relationships among parents, teachers and the school, which in turn, provides a successful learning community for our kids. Through PTA sponsored programs, meetings and events, we provide opportunities to build our community and provide input and support around decisions affecting our school.


In today's world, children and parents are busy! Sports, academics, extracurricular activities, families, work…Whew! It is easy to bypass why it is important for each of us to be involved with the PTA.

When we support the PTA, we show our children the importance getting involved to work toward a common goal. We show that as a team we can work together and have input to how decisions that are made. We become familiar with the teachers and administrative staff which builds community and keeps us informed of what is happening, and we are be able to provide suggestions that can benefit the students as a whole. By getting involved with the PTA, we make a difference!
 Join our PTA today.   


Often when people think of supporting the PTA, people only see dollar signs adding up quickly. Support for our PTA comes in many forms. Attending meetings regularly to keep informed, volunteering, and participation in PTA activities are all vital ways we can do our part to strengthen our community.

PTA activities, especially academic enrichment and extracurricular support, do however require funding. The PTA raises funds through events such as restaurant nights or a spring carnival or Nerf event and through fundraisers such as our annual Jog-a-thon and book fairs. In addition to fundraising events, we offer many programs (such as Hands on Art) and events (such as Movie Night) throughout the year to help enrich our school's program and learning environment. This is all done through the generous help and support of Lincoln Elementary families and sponsors. Supporting our PTA is as easy as participating in meetings and events, keeping up to date on happenings and volunteering when you can to help.