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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Lincoln families,
Two heads are better than one is generally an unquestioned maxim, but in practice, it goes out the window when it comes to parenting. For whatever reason, we tend to get a little defensive and say things like, “Don’t tell me how to parent my child,” when confronted with our shortcomings. Yes, I am guilty, too. Nevertheless, it is likely the thing we need the most help with, and better yet, advice tends to be highly practical because so many parents are going through the same challenges. We are surrounded by the experts: each other.

Thankfully, our community caught on to this fact. South Bay Families Connected (SBFC) is a partnership with ninety South Bay schools, health care providers and community organizations, all whom share the same goal of helping to raise healthy youth. Their motto: we’re in this together.

SBFC connects our communities with speaker series, workshops and practical solutions. For example, the Families Connected Parent Chat brings parents together to share their parenting challenges in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. The SBFC Parent Blog offers authentic stories related to personal challenges and successes with the goal of letting others know they are never alone with their challenges.

What began as a resource I pushed out to families has now become my personal resource for questions I have about supporting my daughter as she grows up. I like the online format because I can avoid those wincing moments in front of others when I feel my parenting approach is perhaps, not cutting the mustard. I also learned from SBFC to be a little more forgiving of my shortcomings as a parent because clearly, we are all going through it. I encourage you to take five minutes to visit southbayfamiliesconnected.org. A whole community of heads is better than one.
Dr. J