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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Lincoln families,


Last year, as a new principal, I was often asked what my priorities were. For those who asked, they would know my first: safety. Safety as a number one priority is not a cliché saying. It weighs heavily on educators. My first job is making sure we return your children safely every day. So, to go beyond the words, let’s inventory where we have made safety a priority.

We established a staff safety team. This team meets each trimester in order to review our safety plan, make recommendations, and follow through with action. For example, we have increased our drill practice this year, doubling disaster, intruder, and lockdown drills. Successful safety requires routine drill practice, not singular drill performance. We have restocked and modernized our safety equipment. Thank you PTA for purchasing five-year food and water storage. Thank you RBPD (and the Los Angeles Kings) for purchasing Trauma Kits and providing our staff training to use them. We also invested in safety communication, repairing our intercom system and purchasing hardware such as high-power bullhorns and more walkie-talkies.


We have updated safety procedures. We have spent the past year rewriting our safety plan in order to simplify and clarify. For example, we had an alternative evacuation plan to Anderson Park yet there was no specific location within the park. Now, it is located north of the parking lot on the open grass field. We have established daily procedures to protect our students. Perimeter checks are conducted each morning to ensure our gates are secured and locked. Access to campus requires check-in through a Megan’s Law verification system.


We have invested in Social Emotional Learning. Safety begins with investing in our students’ well-being. This year our school team has created a Social Emotional Learning Committee, reprioritizing students’ emotional health. Every two weeks our teachers provide instruction about mindfulness through our MindUp curriculum. We have also developed a strategic plan in order to guide our efforts, for example, we are attempting to align assemblies with social emotional priorities. Thank you PTA. Finally, we are working to connect our families with resources, including the provision of on-site counseling provided by South Bay Children’s Family Health Center. Through these combined efforts, we hope to demonstrate our first priority is more than just a saying.
Jason Johnson