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Attendance is essential to academic and life success. We have provided some helpful tips and reminders about when your child is going to be absent. To learn more about the research-based benefits of attendance and preventing chronic absences, please visit Attendance Works by CLICKING HERE
For more Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ), please see the attached Attendance FAQ's for Lincoln Elementary. 
Tips for Parents
• Create morning and evening routines
• Schedule all appointments during non-school hours
• Post school calendars and schedules in a visible place
• Plan family vacations on non-school days only
• Schedule appointments after school, on days off, or have your child attend school after or before appointments
• Help your child develop a positive attitude toward school by encouraging him/her to participate in school activities
• Communicate with your child's teachers and counselor
Excused Absence
• Illness of student
• Student’s Doctor or
• Dental Appointments
• Student’s court appearance
• Bereavement of an Immediate Family Member (1 DAY within the state or 3 DAYS outside of the state)
Unexcused absence
• Illness of relative
• Personal business
• No one to bring or
• pick up child from school
• Car problems
• Oversleeping
• Vacation