School Site Council


The Lincoln School Site Council (SSC) is comprised of 6 parents and 5 school staff members. The basic premise for the structure of this council is that the individuals closest to the students should be involved in helping to make decisions that affect the instructional program of the school. It is the responsibility of the SSC to develop a school plan that is responsive to the needs of the students, allocate resources within the school to support this plan, and annually review and update the plan and budget to meet the changing needs and priorities within the school. Membership on this council is for three years. Parents nominate and vote for parents and staff members nominate and vote for staff members with the principal being a permanent member.
Your 2022-2023 School Site Council: 
1. Marvin Brown (Principal)
2. Ayn McGuire (Teacher)
3. Barbara Ozanich (Teacher)
4. Elvia Ventura (Teacher)
5. Suzie Wolfrum (Teacher)
6. Miebaka Opuiyo-Yohannes (Parent)
7. Sunil Bhanot (Parent) 
8. Stacey Brucia (Parent)
9. Paul Ledesma (Parent)
10. Momoko Yamashita (Parent)
11. Trish Keiller (Parent)

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