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International Night Success! Featured Photo

International Night Success!

International Night was a fun-filled evening to celebrate true diversity at Lincoln Elementary. There was a broad representation of our diverse community that evening featuring activities/games, food and student performances. This is such a great evening...I highly recommend if you have never attended!

Keep it rolling...100% PTA Membership and 578 Walkers at Pier-to-Pier

Lincoln Elementary just keeps on snapping records! We again hit 100% PTA membership for the third year in a row and once again will join the prestigious Club 100 PTA. Also, we well surpassed our goal of 400 walkers at Pier-to-Pier and instead achieved 578 walkers. Dr. J will now face the student vote challenge...yikes!
Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is Here!

Watch Dogs Pizza Night was a success as our dads came with their kids to have pizza, play games and learn about Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs is a program where dads volunteer for a full school day to support the campus. If you are interested, you can go to our Watch Dogs webpage under the Programs tab.