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Join Pier-to-Pier Skechers Walk! Featured Photo

Join Pier-to-Pier Skechers Walk!

The Pier-to-Pier Skechers Walk will take place on Sunday, October 28. Pier-to-Pier Skechers Walk is a community event to support children with special needs. It is also a direct fundraiser to Lincoln Elementary School. The Pier-to-Pier Fundraiser for schools is participant-based. The more participants who register ($30 entry fee), the more dollars raised directly for our school. Most importantly, RBEF will match dollars with the RBUSD elementary schools who have the most participants. Last year, Lincoln Elementary had 350 walkers (previous year was 185) and earned $20,000 directly to Lincoln Elementary…this money was utilized to purchase Eureka Math Manipulative Kits for all classes and continue to give our students an academic edge. Last year...Mr. J was slimed in formal clothes after Lincoln Elementary shattered our goal! This year, Mr. J has challenged Lincoln to raise 375 walks for the event…if we make it, he will suffer the Rollerblade Challenge where he will have to principal the school while on rollerblades for the entire school day! And no, that man does not know how to rollerblade. This cannot be missed! Be sure to register as many walkers as you can...every walker counts! Register each member of your family, register grandma, register your neighbor you awkwardly wave to once a month. They all count! Can’t make the event? NO PROBLEM! Be a virtual walker and register anyway.
Movie Night

Movie Night Madness

First off we want to thank the whole Lincoln Lion community for all the amazing help with Movie Night set up and especially with the clean-up. It was truly awesome to see the community step up and help, even though it was pouring out! We understand in your haste to exit many of your kids still have movie night tickets. This week from Monday-Wednesday we will set up the raffle bags in the library and the kids can use their tickets towards the raffles. Raffle winners will be named on Thursday! We are working on getting a Movie Night take 2 in the books but it is looking like it will have to be in the Spring. We will definitely keep you all posted!

Lincoln is #1 in RBEF Donor Drive!

Thank you Lincoln community for your extraordinary contribution to the RBEF Investor Drive! On Monday, we reached $73,000 and 34% participation...taking first in the Redondo Beach School District. This is over $40,000 more raised last year for our Education Foundation. Special thanks to the 200 Lincoln families who donated. This is an amazing achievement for all of our schools.