Principal's Weekly E-Blast

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Dear Lincoln Families,
When we return from Spring Break, our school district will enter Phase 2 of Alternative Instruction whereby we will introduce new content/instruction. The goal of alternative instruction during Phase 2 of school closures is the continuity of y(our) child's education, which includes new and review content, enrichment and remediation, a variety of delivery options and focus around essential standards. After Spring Break, on Monday, April 13 by 10AM, you will receive the layout of the first instructional week under Phase 2.
While, in my frank opinion, there is no replacement for in-classroom instruction, we believe we can engage students in learning around essential standards to mitigate academic losses to the best extent possible. There will be a variety of options to engage students, including video conference, audio conference, online platforms like Edulastic/Reading Eggs/Raz Kids/Zearn/Khan/etc., Google Classroom, pre-recorded lessons and more, in order to ensure student engagement, learning and equal access.
You are not alone to provide new content/instruction to your child. That said, we are partnered and reliant on each other to make it happen during this national crisis. I strongly encourage you to reach out to your teacher for support and guidance, especially during office hours where you or your child may benefit from feedback, support or direction. This includes social-emotional needs, which can also be addressed by myself, counselor and school psychologist.
I also encourage you to accomplish what you can and make peace with what you cannot. Case-in-point, my wife and I (she is also a school administrator) are more than slightly behind in our Lincoln CDC lessons for Matilda. Thank you in advance for not sharing that with Ms. Lu. We will catch up!
Finally, I will continue to encourage families to reach out to me with questions and concerns. We are by no means perfect, we will make mistakes, but we will continue to grow under these strange and temporary circumstances. And while I will be first to admit that I am a much better in-school principal than digital one, let me assure you, our teachers are working tirelessly to figure this out and support our students and families everyday. Keep in mind, like you, their kids are at home, too. They have, and continue to, go above and beyond to meet our students (and our parent partners) educational needs.
Teacher office hours. Have a question or need support? I encourage you to take advantage of your teacher's office hours. They will be immediately available each day during a two-hour block to support you. Please see their weekly instructional plan for office hour times or send them an email.

Wait, where is my teacher? With pre-recorded instruction, we plan to divide and conquer so do not be surprised if a lesson or two are another grade-level teacher.

Google Meet Purpose. The primary purpose of Google meet will be for instructional and/or social emotional support. We will not be organizing hangouts or play dates for classrooms. That said, I have seen more than a few classroom parents organizing digital meet ups and I encourage their benefit.

Lincoln PTA Virtual Meeting. Lincoln PTA will be holding a VIRTUAL General Association Meeting & Elections via Zoom on April 15 at 9am. Please CLICK HERE to RSVP. All yes responses will receive a meeting invitation three days prior to the event.

Spirit Week. Student Leadership and I are meeting via Google Meet this week in order to plan a digital spirit week. Stay tuned! We are going to have some fun with it.

Google Meet v. Zoom. There have been some requests for Zoom meetings with teachers. While we certainly value the capabilities of Zoom, Google Meet is our district-licensed/supported program. Our network controls for student safety and monitoring are connected with Google Meet, and we do not have that agreement with Zoom. Google Meet will continue to be the format for communication and conference with students/families.

Yearbooks. We will be placing our order for the yearbooks soon and need anyone who wants to guarantee their books to pre-order one ASAP. We will not be taking any other pre-orders after April 14th. The only way you will be guaranteed a book is to pre-order! Since we will not be back on campus before the deadline of April 14th the only way to pre-order is by CLICKING HERE. If you are not sure if you ordered a yearbook please email Jen at

Chromebook issue? We put together a support sheet with common Chromebook problems that can sometimes be resolved by the user without a tech. If your Chromebook continues to not function, please reach out to your classroom teacher. See attached.

Office closed. The office will be officially closed in accordance with the Safer at Home Emergency Order. Email is the best form of communication with school leaders, teachers and support providers (special education teacher, counselor, speech therapist, occupational therapist, etc.). You can contact me at or administrative assistant Carolyn Roth Do not hesitate...reach out.

Community resources. RBUSD has put together resources available in Redondo Beach. Please see attached to learn more.
Counselor support. Our counselor Ms. Puentes has provided resources to support social-emotional needs during school closures. Please see attached to learn more.

Behavior support. Our Learning Center teacher Ms. Wagner-Nunez put together some tips for managing challenging behaviors during learning time. Please see attached if you are interested.

Communication. During school business hours (8:00AM-3:00PM), teachers will respond to inquiry in a timely manner during that day or next business day, depending on when the inquiry was made. During their two-hour office block, you can expect an immediate response to questions/support. After 3:00PM, teachers will respond the following school business day.
Dr. J