Amy Robinson » Welcome to Room 3!

Welcome to Room 3!

Hi! My name is Amy Robinson and I teach first grade here at Lincoln School. I grew up in the amazing town of Redondo Beach, so this district has a special place in my heart. I graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a Masters degree of Education. I have been teaching in RBUSD for about 20 years. I truly believe that teaching first grade at Lincoln is an amazing place to be! :)
In first grade we strive to make amazing scholars and kind citizens out of our students, all while having a great time. First grade students will learn the love of reading, write in a variety of genres, and obtain a wide variety of math strategies to build their number sense. They will also participate in STEM activities, dress up days, give class presentations, and learn ways in which to help their community!
Get ready for an awesome year of learning and fun in first grade! :)