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Dr. Seuss Night Rocks the House!

PTA held the annual Dr. Seuss Night to celebrate literacy and the famed author. The night was filled with games and challenges for all to enjoy. Thank you to the PTA and all our volunteers that made this night a success.
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Student Leadership Raises $600+ for Wildfire Relief

Student leadership worked together on a $1 campaign to raise a dollar for every student at Lincoln Elementary. They met their goal by volunteering at the front office collection, making posters and spreading the word. For meeting their goal, Lincoln President Kate Brucia will have worms dumped on her alongside Dr. J. Ugh!
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International Night Success!

International Night was a fun-filled evening to celebrate true diversity at Lincoln Elementary. There was a broad representation of our diverse community that evening featuring activities/games, food and student performances. This is such a great evening...I highly recommend if you have never attended!
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