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Pier-to-Pier Reaches Goal of 375 Walkers

Lincoln Elementary met its goal of 375 Walkers by registering over 400 walkers for Pier-to-Pier fundraiser. That is the second year of making our goal! This also marks the 3rd fundraiser goal met for the school year: RBEF, Pier-to-Pier, and PTA Membership. Nice job, Lincoln...we are moving fast! The Pier-to-Pier funds will be utilized for staff development (Eureka training), academic intervention (Leveled Literacy Intervention), and modernization (playground upgrades...including GaGa Ball). We plan to put these dollars directly into the classroom to improve our student achievement. Thank you community!
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Battle of the Books List

Battle of the Books is a reading program for students in the 3rd through 5th grades. Students read books from the assigned reading list and come together in teams to test their knowledge of the books they have read. The student competitions are game based and help promote critical thinking, sportsmanship and teamwork. Registration for Battle of the Books is available to all students in the 3rd through 5th grades. Winners of the fourth/5th grade competition will go on to compete at the district level.
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Lincoln is #1 in RBEF Donor Drive!

Thank you Lincoln community for your extraordinary contribution to the RBEF Investor Drive! On Monday, we reached $73,000 and 34% participation...taking first in the Redondo Beach School District. This is over $40,000 more raised last year for our Education Foundation. Special thanks to the 200 Lincoln families who donated. This is an amazing achievement for all of our schools.
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