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Welcome to Room 20

My name is Mrs. Armida Maldonado and I am the 4th and 5th grade special day class teacher. I also have my wonderful assistants who will be helping us out this year Ms. Sara, Ms. Ruby, Ms. Celia and Ms. Falandia.  I am looking forward to a spectacular year with your child and working with you to ensure your child’s success.


About Mrs. Maldonado


            This is my 24th year teaching special education for Redondo Beach.  I have my Master of Science degree in Special Education from California State University, Long Beach.  I am married and have a daughter who is in college and attends Long Beach City College.

I am involved with Special Olympics for Northern San Diego County in which my sister (who has special needs) participates in tennis, golf and swimming.  Because of my sister, I decided to become a special education teacher.

            I have high expectations for all my students.  I run my classroom VERY structured and routine.  I expect my students to get their homework done everyday and returned the following day and that my students come prepared to class to learn with their supplies (backpack, green homework folder and planner) EVERY DAY!!!  I am teaching your children independence and responsibility in them ready for middle school.

            I have an open door policy in that you do not need to wait for your IEP or parent conference to discuss questions or concerns with me.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me anytime.  You may also use the planner to write me a note or to communicate as I check their planners every morning.

            Finally, for my 5th grade students I would love to see some of them go to Science Camp with the regular ed 5th graders.  I feel it is a great experience for my students and I will talk to you individually more in detail soon to talk about the possibility of some of my 5th graders attending camp.