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Lincoln Elementary School PTA strives for 100% membership. We aim to have one PTA membership for everyone of our students at Lincoln Elementary. Parents can join the PTA. Teachers can join the PTA! Kids can even join the PTA! Everyone is welcome!! 
What does joining the PTA mean? 
  • It means you have voting rights on the big decisions we make for our school at the PTA meetings. 
  • It means you get to take pride in participating in enriching your child's education. 
  • Your child's membership means your child has an opportunity to apply for a scholarship when he or she is graduating RUHS. 
  • It means you have the opportunity to take advantage of the the perks listed below from CAPTA and our National Chapter. 
What does joining the PTA NOT mean? 
  • You will NOT be required to volunteer at anything (unless you want to!)
  • You will NOT  be required to come to PTA  general assembly meetings (unless you want to!)